Maybe this Mother’s Day the gift of a laundry service sounds intriguing. We hear that! We also like special experiences such as hipster mixed drinks with breakfast burritos, or tickets to world-class theatrical productions. How about some artisan truffles? Absolutely! Check out our list of trending San Francisco Bay Area Mother’s Day gift ideas—all local, plus a few are made by entrepreneurial mamas. How’s that for mother love?

Mamas Who Need to Chillax: Kabuki Springs & Spa Treatment

Known for its Japanese-style communal baths, Kabuki Springs & Spa also offers several spa treatments, from facials to acupuncture. For this Mother’s Day, an individual massage package is one of the best ways to show Mom how much she’s appreciated. The Bliss Massage with Private Bath lives up to its name. She’ll start with a soak in a traditional deep furo tub enhanced by a matcha bath blend of salt and pure green tea. Next comes a full session of turning her muscles to goo—choose between eastern or western style massage. Really treat her right and splurge on the longer 110-minute session. Mama’s worth it! $170, Monday–Friday; $187, Saturday–Sunday.


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—Olivia Boler

All images provided by the companies unless otherwise noted.