Maybe this Mother’s Day the gift of a laundry service sounds intriguing. We hear that! We also like special experiences such as hipster mixed drinks with breakfast burritos, or tickets to world-class theatrical productions. How about some artisan truffles? Absolutely! Check out our list of trending San Francisco Bay Area Mother’s Day gift ideas—all local, plus a few are made by entrepreneurial mamas. How’s that for mother love?

Stylish Mamas Keeping It Real: The Perfect Cardigan

Fashion designer Aline Dazogbo has lived all over the world, but it was San Francisco that inspired her Perfect Cardigan. A day might start out sunny, but by quitting time, evening fog often rolls in. It played havoc with Aline’s hair. Thus, she launched a Kickstarter campaign and created a statement piece that converts from a cardigan with a subtle hood to a shawl or wrap. Long sleeves can be scrunched or rolled back, or used to cover chilly fingers. Aline has two shops—Aline’s Closet in the Haight, and Voila in Noe Valley. $290.


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—Olivia Boler

All images provided by the companies unless otherwise noted.