Maybe this Mother’s Day the gift of a laundry service sounds intriguing. We hear that! We also like special experiences such as hipster mixed drinks with breakfast burritos, or tickets to world-class theatrical productions. How about some artisan truffles? Absolutely! Check out our list of trending San Francisco Bay Area Mother’s Day gift ideas—all local, plus a few are made by entrepreneurial mamas. How’s that for mother love?

Mamas and Their Bonbons: Jade Chocolates

Chocolate! Infused with the spices and flavors of Asia, these artisan treats are the creation of San Francisco mom Mindy Fong. Her former life working as an architectural designer informs the beautiful shapes and colors of Jade Chocolates bars, truffles and confections, as well as their elegant packaging. And how about those flavors? Lychee Rose Green Tea truffle, anyone? Yes, please! How about the signature Genmai milk chocolate bar infused with brown rice crisps and jasmine tea? Don’t blame Mom if she’s reluctant to give you a bite. She’ll make it up to you with her sincere gratitude. Visit the Richmond district shop at 4207 Geary Blvd, or order online. $7–$80,


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—Olivia Boler

All images provided by the companies unless otherwise noted.