Are your little ones awake and ready to party before the sun even comes up? Let them shake it out with some like-minded early risers at Daybreaker, one of the Bay Area’s new all-ages, early morning dance clubs. Complete with DJs, shots of coconut juice and wild outfits that look straight out of the dress-up trunk, these poppin’ (drug and alcohol free) parties are perfect for anyone who wants to dance their way into the day.

Women and infant dancingPhoto: Talia Page

Rise, Shine and Shake It
Daybreaker is a morning dance party that gets hopping around the time that most folks are hitting the snooze button. The most recent Valentines Day Edition took place at City Nights, a Top 40/hip hop club complete with dancing cages—not the kind of place you would typically take your kid, and a far cry from the usual morning routine—but that’s what makes it so fun. A mix of artists in Burning Man costumes, startup kids in spandex yoga gear, and even a few moms with toddlers sporting comfy clothes with colorful stains mingled and munched on granola chased by shots of coconut juice. The dance floor was pumping with live musicians, DJs, costumed characters, giant floating squids, and a pulsing crowd. There’s an instant camaraderie that is formed among those who find their way to Daybreaker. Strangers exchanged smiles as the clock neared closing time (9:30 a.m.) and they continued on their way to work, school, or back home for nap time.

daybreaker_sfPhoto: Daybreaker SF

Better than Coffee?
Daybreaker is an alcohol-free, family friendly movement that began as a social experiment. The founders, Radha Agrawal and Matthew Brimer, are community-driven entrepreneurs who wanted to flip the drunken, late night clubbing concept on it’s head by inviting people to start the day dancing. Their first gathering was in New York in 2013 and it’s since grown into a national movement. No two Daybreakers are the same—they bounce from place to place and feature a variety of local talent.

daybreaker_sfPhoto: Daybreaker SF

For First Timers
Daybreaker takes place from 7:30-9:30 am on weekdays, and occasionally there’s a pre-dance activity (e.g. yoga), from 6:30-7:30 am. The events occur every three to four weeks in San Francisco—sign up at to stay in the loop on when and where the next event will occur. Ticket prices range from $20-$35, and unfortunately there are no discounts for kiddos. Put on your dancin’ shoes and pack earplugs for the little ones, as the sound system is nothing like the one at Music Together. Though Daybreaker is family friendly and all ages are welcome, these events are organized primarily for an adult crowd (mostly twenty and thirty-somethings), so come with an open mind and be prepared to have some interesting conversations on the way home.


Would you take your kiddo to an early morning dance party?

—Talia Page