Maybe it’s because our lives are ruled by google calendars, alarm clocks, and school drop-offs and pick-ups, but the idea of letting loose for a day, or even an hour, seems as foreign as meeting our girlfriends for an impromptu happy hour (remember the good ol’ days when those used to happen on the regular?). For you parents just itching to let your hair down, we have two words for you: color run. Think of it as a family fun run meets Holi Festival (not sure what that is? Click here). The new trend in family fun runs is all the rage — you’ll get dirty, meet friends, and teach your kids that you can be wild and crazy for a day. What’s not to love?

What is it?
Whether your fam participates in The Color Run or Color Vibe, get ready for an awesome experience. The fun run lasts 5K (that’s a little over three miles) and attracts participants of all ages, speed, shapes and ability. The run is more about having fun and the experience than your to-the-second finish time.

So…what can my family expect?
For starters, expect to get colorfied. At each kilometer along the race you’ll be blasted with a different color. In the popular Color Run, you’ll be blasted with yellow, orange, pink and blue along the way. The end result? Your whole body will be covered in bright colors reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock. The festive race only features one requirement: wear white! This ensures that by the end of the race you will be covered head to toe in color.

You’re seriously suggesting that my kids get covered in colored powder?
For starters, all of the color that the race organizers use are 100% safe, edible, biodegradable and non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about your family inhaling toxic chemicals. Go ahead, breathe a sign of relief.

Who can run?
Bring the whole fam (minus Fido). Strollers are encouraged.

Cue the laundry machine
We love this idea of a color run because it encourages you to let loose and go wild for a day. Just be sure to wash your clothes soon after the run, unless of course you want to keep your colorfied clothes as a reminder that even with kids, you can still let loose.

The next Bay Area races
These races are super popular and sell out fast so be sure to register your fam ahead of time. The Color Run is coming to San Francisco on March 2, 2013 and the Color Vibe is coming to Vallejo on January 19, 2013.

Note: The Color Run SF costs $55 per participant. If you’re looking to save a little green, the Color Vibe run in Vallejo is free for participants under 7. and

We seriously can’t wait to get in on the fun. Has your family ever gone wild at a color run? 

first photo courtesy of The Color Run’s Facebook page; second photo courtesy of Color Vibe’s Facebook page.