Does anyone need a $900 stroller? Probably not. We also don’t need $500 shoes or $120 haircuts, but sometimes splurging on these indulgences just makes us feel good (particularly when we’re struggling with baby weight and lack of sleep). And you can make a case that a quality stroller will get you out of the house more and lead to a more active, healthy and happy mom and baby, which is all good. So we were psyched to come across this sweet new Bugaboo (2010!) on Craigslist this week.

As you know, the Bugaboo brand is synonymous with product quality, however this also means that the price tag may be on the periphery of many a parent’s budget. That is what makes this find so great! This stroller will normally retail for $979 which makes the $749 asking price all that more palatable, especially when you consider that it comes with a car seat adapter. Bugaboo Cameleon 2010.

— Ryan Hamamoto