The holidays are supposed to be fun, but let’s face it, they are often stressful and overwhelming. Our friends at 7×7 have come up with the perfect way to minimize the holiday stress and make this holiday season the best one yet. Take advantage of a festive spa treatment — you’ll be refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to host all your in-laws. Now, that’s priceless!

The flavors of the holidays make for many culinary delights. That is a given. Pumpkin, cranberry, apple, vanilla, cinnamon and peppermint are flavors that reoccur every year, yet always seem fresh. At a time when calendars quickly fill up and consumption of all sorts is increased, taking the time to indulge in you should be a priority. And receiving the gift of relaxation and indulgence is one of the best ideas around. Several local spas have tweaked their menus to include seasonal ingredients. We pick five of the most delicious.

Tru Spa Peppermint Pedicure

For a quick treat for your feet, Tru Spa is icing their Peppermint Pedicure with a complimentary mint hot chocolate or raspberry-mint champagne cocktail, both served with a peppermint stick. Their signature peppermint pedicure combines an invigorating sugar and fresh mint scrub. An energizing massage with seaweed foot lotion will help get you back on your feet.

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