Even if you’re not a vegetarian (or vegan) that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a delicious veggie-laden meal once in awhile. For this week’s edition of Date Night, 7X7 brings us the best of the best when it comes to vegetarian and vegan dining in San Francisco. Take a look at their list below for tips on where to indulge in some leafy goodness.

Herbivores, rejoice! You can now work your way down one of our must-eat lists without running into a single piece of meat. The Big Veg is our leafy opus of the 50 best vegetarian and *vegan dishes in SF. See how many you can spot on Foodspotting. First person to spot all 50 items by snapping a photo wins a $100 gift certificate to Ike’s Place. (Rules here).

1. Vegetarian pork belly in a clamshell bun at Heaven’s Dog
2. Stuffed avocado salad at Saha*
3. Papas al horno at Gracias Madre*
4. Buddha Girl roll at Sushiritto*
5. All About Vegetables tasting menu at Atelier Crenn
6. Vegan deep-dish at Paxti’s Chicago Pizza*
7. Thrice-cooked “bacon” at Mission Chinese Food
8. Spicy cauliflower with capers at Delfina Pizzeria
9. Bud Bundy at Ike’s Place*
10. Paper masala dosa at Dosa
11. Tempura-fried eggplant with miso glaze at Minako Organic Japanese Cuisine*
12. Mushroom wrap with green harissa at Grain and Grill (from Zaré at Flytrap)
13. The Nebulous Potato Thing at St. Francis Fountain*
14. The Plant Burger at The Plant Cafe*
15. Off-the-menu vegan pork buns at Lucky Creation*
16. Eggplant caponatina with burrata at Beretta
17. House-made tofu at Eiji*
18. The PLT at Citizen’s Band
19. Tofu mole burrito at Papalote Mexican Grill*
20. Handmade couscous with vegetables at Aziza
21. Piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese at Piperade
22. Vegetarian tacos with avocado at La Taqueria
23. Mesquite-grilled brochettes at Greens Restaurant*
24. Fried plantain and black bean burrito at Little Chihuahua
25. Stuffed falafel at Old Jerusalem
26. Veggie burger at Roam*
27. Spicy tofuna roll at Tataki*
28. Samusa soup at Burma Superstar*
29. Your choice of veggie piroshki at Anda Piroshki
30. Grilled cheese sandwich at Outerlands
31. Braised tofu jook at Samovar*
32. Dolma sandwich at Truly Mediterranean*
33. Daikon rice cakes at Slanted Door
34. Crispy Brussels sprout chips at Marlowe*
35. Any veggie sandwich (particularly butternut squash with radicchio) at Il Cane Rosso
36. Cheese späetzle at Suppenküche
37. Vegetarian pot pie (such as spinach and lentil) from Mission Pie
38. Moroccan vegetable tagine at Nopa
39. Green Goddess salad at Prospect
40. Cheese and bean pupusas at El Zocalo, preferably around 3 a.m.
41. Seasonal veggie salad at Boulettes Larder
42. Vegetarian ramen at Katana-Ya*
43. Vegetable imperial rolls with vermicelli at Sunflower
44. The Fillmore pizza at Zero Zero
45. Crusted oyster mushrooms at Millennium
46. Any of the rotating veggie pastas at Flour + Water
47. Butter lettuce salad with fresh herbs at Bistro Aix*
48. Sformato at Cotogna
49. Vegan sausage at Rosamunde Sausage Grill*
50. Sloppy Lil’ P at Juhu Beach Club


By Laura Beck

This is our weekly guest post from our friends at 7×7, a site that keeps you up on the best of SF. We’ve teamed up for an exciting partnership to bring you a fantastic Date Night idea each week. Be sure to check out their blog for hourly doses of the best of SF.