Screaming kids, countless errands to run, deadlines–does anything sound more satisfying than a cold pint and a few hours without any responsibilities? Luckily, Bay Area parents can take an evening off and enjoy the best of SF Beer Week and Strong Beer month by hitting up some local pubs, breweries, and ale houses all serving special brews to celebrate these events. Our friends at 7×7 have done their homework and found the best spots to sample these libations when you just need to ditch the kiddos for an evening. Here’s what’s up for all you beer lovers looking for your next round–cheers!

Although we’re in the middle of SF Beer Week, we’re also near the midpoint of Strong Beer Month. To help you better plan your itineraries for both, it seemed like a good time to check in with the strong beer brewers to see how their supplies of the heavyweights are holding up.

David McLean, Owner Magnolia Pub & Brewery
We currently have all six strong beers; however, we are seeing record crowds and sales this year and I don’t know how long all will remain available. For the last couple of years, Tweezer and Old Thunderpussy have run out by the end of the third week of the month. I would be surprised if either made it to the end of this week.

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