The donut as a comfort food has enjoyed a return to popularity so successful, one might hardly recognize the original fried, circular treat. Donuts nowadays are a trend, adorned with meat or breakfast cereal and infused every imaginable sweet and savory flavor from Dr. Pepper, melon and mojito, to garlic, seaweed and pistachio. In a world where variety is usually the spice of life, we may find ourselves gazing nostalgically into that vast, complicated pastry case, looking for a familiar face: the original glazed donut. This date night, take back the joy of hot, sugary simplicity with the top five picks in the city.

1. Happy Donuts, 3801 24th St. (Noe Valley)
Appearance: Big and puffy, with a crackly glaze.
Sweetness level: Pretty darn sweet, but not achingly so.
Melt-in-mouth factor: Excellent. It’s light, airy, and super fresh.

2. All Star Donuts, 2095 Chestnut St. (Marina)
Appearance: Medium-puffy with a nice sheen.
Sweetness level: Off the charts.
Melt-in-mouth factor: Fair. This one was a bit cakey.

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