The city’s gallery scene is abuzz this week with a slew of openings, the grand list of which is enough to daunt even the most seasoned of art crawlers. In the name of practicality, we’ve plucked out our top five – shows that will get the gears turning for conceptual art nerds, SF history buffs and everyday visual enthusiasts alike (and collectors too, of course).

Director’s Choice

Rounding up four of its sharpest gallery artists and introducing two newcomers, Cain Schulte Gallery puts together a sprawling group show that beckons the visual devourer as well as the conceptual deep-diver.

Look forward to Shawn Smith’s clever and patently humorous sculptures of natural scenes. Composed of small wood cubes, his pieces evoke a familiar and not-quite-natural phenomenon: pixilation. Also at the show, you will find Ruby Wescoat’s sculptures drawing inspiration from equal parts neoclassicism and pop art. The charming objects represent a host of subjects, ranging from Greek statues to six packs, in a single medium – cardboard.

Director’s Choice runs through January 28th at Cain Schulte Gallery, 251 Post Street, Suite 210

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

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