No jukebox blaring banda. No salsa, chips, or beer. Just pure burrito. In a blind taste test—analyzing everything from girth to beef-sear to ingredient distribution and harmony—five experts dig into six of the city’s most popular super carne asada burritos, with a ringer thrown in for fun (ahem, Chipotle). After some serious thought—and proof that even the best burritos can be flawed—conclusions were made.

1. El Farolito
1 ⅔ lbs ($6.30)

Continually ranked as one of the city’s top burritos, the Mission District’s classic 3 a.m. stop for booze-sopping came in first without much struggle. “What a whopper,” said Sunset magazine’s Margo True. “An amalgamated burrito with a careful arrangement of beans, rice, meat, and sauce. A thoughtful cook arranged it.” The carne asada is “wonderfully rustic,” said Charles Hodgkins of Burritoeater. However, burrito lover Prisca Chen did not concur. “The beef is like ground beef,” she lamented, scribbling a frowny face on her scorecard. “Where’s the pico de gallo?” Chen concluded that the burrito filling isn’t made up of true friends “though they tolerate each other.” But SPQR chef Matthew Accarrino gave it his top mark, citing the beans as “soft but with texture,” the beef as having the “best flavor of all.”

2779 Mission St., 415-824-7877

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