Are the kids protesting the morning oatmeal slop? Or are you tired of making the same plain-o toast every morning? Switch up the morning routine with a little sugary adventure. RedTri has scouted the best donut shops in the Bay Area and you’ll want to be first in line to sink your teeth into the soft and warm fried bread goodness. From classic flavors to wacky combinations, gigantic sizes to minis, there will be something on the menu for adventurous adults to safe-betting kids.

Bob’s Donuts

This San Francisco staple serves up classic flavors and familiar bites satisfying donut cravings morning or night. If you want to see the eyes of your kiddos light up in wonder, order the novelty gigantic donut which comes in a handful of flavors such as glazed, crumbles and chocolate. It’s bigger than an adult head and if you eat the entire donut in under two minutes Bob’s Donut will give it to you for free and will list your name on their Hall of Fame page. 

1621 Polk St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Home to the famous “cruffin,” a croissant-muffin hybrid that sells out daily, this Bakehouse serves everything from donuts to pastries. Their menu changes daily with speciality flavors rotating by day of the week so be sure to check out the menu ahead of time. With flavors such as the Plum Sake Jam donut on Thursdays or the Apple Tamarind Jelly cruffin on Wednesdays, you’ll want to visit each day of the week for a special treat.

1042 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Trish’s Mini Donuts

For an extra special outing, head to Pier 39 to see the wharf and grab a bucket of mini donuts sprinkled with sugar for you and the kids to share. As an added bonus, when the donuts are eaten up you can use the bucket as a sand toy or sovereign. Win-win kids!

Pier 39
Pier 39 Concourse
San Francisco, CA 94133

Dynamo Donut & Coffee

If your kids have fancy palettes and a taste for adventure, check out Dynamo Donut & Coffee. With flavors like Chocolate Rose, Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate and Bitter Queen, your taste buds will be popping as will your blood sugar levels. Also, check out their kiosk in the Marina on the SF Bay Trail if trekking to the Mission isn’t an option.

2760 24th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Kingpin Donuts

This donut shop has been around since the 1930s so it’s safe to say they’re doing something right. With classic flavors made the way grandma used to make donuts, this is a no-frills and yummy donut stop in the East Bay.

2125 Durant Ave. A
Berkeley, CA 94074

Psycho Donuts

Self-proclaimed as the Bay Area’s wackiest donut shop, they serve up a menu of unconventional flavors that are too good to be true. Kids will be left speechless with flavors such as “Cereal Killer,” a glazed donut topped with fruity cereal flakes—a customer favorite; “Fung Shui,” a donut with green tea icing, chocolate chips and a vanilla drizzle; or “Nutter Cup,” a donut with Nutella icing and peanut butter and Butterfinger dust.

2006 Winchester Blvd.
Campbell, CA 95008

Johnny Doughnuts

Don’t be surprised after your first visit if your kids start requesting Johnny Doughnuts in lieu of a birthday cake. Or heck, that goes for mom and dad, too! These donuts are lip smacking good and are made with local ingredients. Classic donuts with a twist, like the Orange Your Glad donut, or the homemade jam and custards that are filled into fluffy fried bread, will have your kids asking for more. Can’t get enough of these yummy donuts? Johnny’s has a small fleet of food trucks that are for hire or can be found sporadically parked within San Francisco. Happy donut hunting.

North Bay Location
1617 4th St.
San Rafael, CA 94901

Hayes Valley Location
388 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94102


Donut Savant

Do you ever walk into a donut shop and think you’d really love to take a bite of all of the flavors? Well, now you can! Donut Savant keeps the menu tiny—referring to the size of the donut only. With an entire menu of donut holes and minis you’ll be able to indulge in all your favorite flavors. What kid doesn’t love variety?

1934 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has a sugary secret, they have some of the best vegan donuts in the Bay Area! If foraging a trip to a speciality donut shop isn’t in the cards and tummies are growling, head to the nearest Whole Foods for a special treat. Your hungry gremlins will be none the wiser with vegan choices such as maple glazed, chocolate, crumble and more.

Locations: Everywhere

Which donut shops are on your list? Let us know in the comments! 

—Tarah Beaven

Featured image by Tarah Photography