Looking to explore your tot’s interests but worried about shelling out the big bucks only to find out that they HATE karate or gymnastics or ballet? You are in luck as there are loads of classes that let you try before you buy. With rock band lessons, outdoor adventures, dance instruction and more, there’s something for everyone. Click through to find a free class near you!


With our great weather, the Bay Area is the perfect spot to try out a Tinkergarten class. These outdoor classes are geared towards the 8 and under crew and get them thinking about the world around them, digging in the dirt and using their creativity to explore. You can try a "Taste of Tinkergarten" class for free, offered at the beginning of each session. Read all about Tinkergarten here.

Various locations throughout the Bay Area
Online: tinkergarten.com

Photo: Tinkergarten

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–Kate Loweth, Sabine Klensch & Erin Feher