Big brands in small sizesstylishkid

Marc, Lily, and Ralph—not the names of kids at your little one’s preschool, but rather the labels lining their closet walls. It’s easy to conclude that a well-dressed kid reflects the shining good taste of a stylish parent. After all, grown-ups shouldn’t have all the fun.

That’s why the same fashion-forward minds that brought you created a destination especially for the young and stylish, appropriately named It’s a website that brings all the top shopping destinations together in one spot, so you can get your Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Little Marc Jacobs, The North Face, and other designer fixes in one place.

Grab your kids’ attention while you can, and together, you can scroll around the easy-to-navigate website, shopping by clothing or accessory type, price, or designer. It’s a great way to let them choose their favorites, and sure beats taking them along to hide in department store racks and pull at your coat, begging to be freed of the boring shopping excursion.

Here’s a bonus: can send you a daily email newsletter with updates on new items and sales on brands you choose. Just sign up for MySale on the site. Happy shopping!

—Renee M. Rutledge