For most of us, 30 days is the shelf life for our lofty New Year’s Resolutions, and right around now is when those commitments to hit the gym or bring more greens to the dining room table are starting to wane. Well, don’t give up yet! We have pulled together a list of local resolution boosters that can help you stick to your healthy commitments all year long, from pre made dinners packed with super foods to an app that encourages kids to make better food choices to a juice cleanse for those of us who would rather not give up eating. Click through for ideas on how to extend those resolutions just a little bit longer—you can do it!

Dinner Done Right: Three Bridges

Prepare a delicious dinner in less than ten minutes, then watch your family happily munch on spinach-filled raviolis in covered in basil and kale pesto or mac ‘n cheese loaded with butternut squash and sweet potato. Three Bridges is a local company serving up chef-crafted meals packed with superfoods and available in your grocer’s fridge.

Do you have a secret weapon helping you stick to your resolutions? Tell us in the comments below! 

—Erin Feher

All images courtesy of the companies