When you live in a state that is as produce-plentiful as California, you come across a lot of weekend parties that spotlight a particular area’s particular agricultural offering. Meaning the Golden State basically has some single-food party going on every weekend of the year, practically, and some items get multiple bashes in multiple towns. (We’re looking at you, avocados and strawberries.) But by far one of the most famous of the Golden State food festivals, here and everywhere, is preparing to roll in Gilroy over the July 27-29 weekend. Want a few hints?

Well, Gilroy is the giveaway. This is also a food that needs to be released from a larger head, and then peeled, and then smashed, minced, or pressed. (Yep, some of us eat ’em whole, without the smashing part, but eating these things whole is for experienced users, only.) We’re talking garlic, of course, and the famous Gilroy Garlic Festival is about to mark its 34th year.

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