HungryBirdLunchBagReusable Totes for Tots and Teens

You saved your old Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox, thinking someday your little one would be proud to lug it to school. But stiff and toxic metal or plastic lunchboxes are so retro–and not in a good way. We walk around with green tote bags for a reason, and now, our kids can, too. Try Hero Lunch Bags re-usable tote bags to get them started. Organically made from cotton canvas, they’re “grown and sewn” in the U.S.A., and when someone spills juice all over one, just pop it in the washing machine to make it like new again.

Worried about apples and sandwiches toppling from tote to pavement in the race to the lunchroom? Noe Valley-based designer Susanne Maddux has got that covered. Hero Lunch Bags feature top zippers to keep all the wholesome goodness safe and secure. The lunch bags also have flat bottoms to keep them right side up, so they can line up proudly against the classroom wall, ready to be picked up by a hungry little hand. Each bag comes with a customizable name tag area, minimizing its appearances on the “Lost and Found” circuit.

You’ll love the simple design of the Hungry Bird Lunch Bag, or the All Star Lunch Bag (covered with stars) and the winged Hero Lunch Bag shield, so much so you may want to get a Hero Grocery Bag or Shopper Tote of your own. And when you’re deciding how to fill up lunch bags for the critters, Susanne comes to the rescue with advice from her companion blog, Another supermom saves the day!

—Renee M. Rutledge