While San Francisco’s House of Air has always been a favorite of the older kids and adults (even Red Tricycle participated in House of Air’s awesome trampoline dodgeball league), the Presidio trampoline park has been missing one thing since its opening: jumping times for the younger set. Well, the wait is finally over for all of us who are totally tired of our little kiddos using the furniture and beds as their own personal trampolines. Just this past month House of Air announced the debut of their new Mini-Jumper Program, which is strictly for kids ages 2-6. We recently sat down with Kacie Marshall of House of Air who dished to us about their new program, special rates, and what parents can expect of the program.

When: Every Saturday from 9:00am-10:00am. Since there is limited room in the mini-jumper program, reservations ahead of time are recommended. Simply call House of Air (contact info appears below) anytime before Saturday morning or sign up online. It’s that easy.

What to Expect: Kids are divided up into two jumping groups, depending on their age. In one area are the tots ages 2-3 (this group is capped at 12 kids) and a separate area hosts the slightly bigger kids, ages 4-6 (this group is capped at 36 kids). Kacie emphasized that safety is House of Air’s number one priority so separating the kids out by age ensures that no little toes get trampled and the children are able to play and jump with others their own size. Before entering the trampoline space we suggest sitting down with your kids to watch the safety video posted online. House of Air also provides a simple safety talk before the kids are let loose to jump.

All of the trampolines are supervised by trained professionals (in fact, Kacie mentioned that House of Air’s lead trainer is the primary supervisor) who provide some awesome games, toys, and obstacles for endless entertainment. There are hula hoops, foam building blocks and other fun objects for the kids to climb and scurry over. Your kiddos will even learn beginner gymnastics positions like pike, tuck, and candlestick, which we think they’ll love especially if they’re anything like our kids who marveled at Gabby Douglas and the other U.S. gymnasts during London’s Olympics.

Good to Know: The Mini-Jumper Program is not a drop-off program so parents have to stay in the building (no ticket required) as their kids tumble, jump, and expunge all that energy not on your own furniture (score!). While you don’t have to actually be on the trampoline, parents can walk around the edge on the pads where you can easily play and keep an eye on your kid.

What to Wear: Socks! Make sure your kid comes outfitted with a solid pair of socks as socks are required on all trampolines. They’ll take their shoes off so we suggest velcro shoes, or any footwear that’s easily taken on and off. Your kids will also want to wear clothing that they will feel comfortable stretching and jumping in. Kacie also suggests perhaps not eating a gigantic meal before hitting the trampolines as some kiddos have jumped a little too much, a little too soon after eating and made a mess if you get our drift.

Cost: August is the introductory month of the Mini-Jumper Program so the rate is $16. Please contact House of Air directly for updated pricing info once their program kicks into full gear.

House of Air
926 Old Mason Street
Presidio, San Francisco
Online: www.houseofair.com

Has anyone participated in House of Air’s new mini-jumper program? Do you have any advice for other parents bringing their kids to jump? Let us know below!

— Erin Lem