On Friday, September 29, an army of mom bosses will take over Fort Mason Center. It’s the very first In Good Company conference, an all-day event aimed at creative, entrepreneurial mothers. The brains (and brawn) behind this event is SF’s own Katie Hintz-Zambrano, the co-founder and editor of Mother (mothermag.com), a wildly popular lifestyle site for modern moms. We caught up with Katie to get the details on what to expect from the day, and what inspired her to create the conference.

Photo: Maria del Rio

1. Why did you decide to start In Good Company?
“The main reasons of the event are two-fold: to build community amongst like-minded women (who are also mothers and business owners), and the economic empowerment of these women and their businesses. Personally, I’ve seen how vital it is to have a strong community of like-minded moms around myself for emotional support and to crush the feelings of isolation that often come with motherhood. And for mothers who happen to be entrepreneurs (a demo I see growing rapidly), this type of community also becomes critical for career support. I’ve seen playdates double as brainstorming sessions, mentorship, and career coaching, and that stuff, in turn, can actually turn into profits! It’s a really beautiful cycle that I’d love for more women to experience.”
2. What elements of the event are you most excited for?
“We have such incredible speakers gracing the stage—from designer Clare Vivier and Joy Cho of Oh Joy to Bob Bland of the Women’s March and LGBTQI activist Jodie Patterson. All of the women I’ve enlisted are incredibly bright and have built really impressive careers and businesses. I’m excited for all of the information and inspiration both myself and the audience will gain from them. I’m also looking forward to the off-stage fun, too—we’ll have live chain-stitching of denim Trucker jackets by Levi’s, a Beautycounter pampering suite, a gelato break hosted by Coletta Gelato and Ingrid & Isabel, the list goes on! And we’re going to have a fun way to encourage the 300 attendees to meet each other, so that everyone leaves with at least five new contacts. There’ll be an extra incentive to do so! Oh, and the visuals! I have an amazing crew—Susan Work of Homework Design, florist Natalie Bowen, stylist Kendra Smoot, artist Meghan Shimek—all talented mamas bringing the event to life with the help of Bash Please and my army of volunteers.”
3. Are there ways for moms to get involved beyond the event/once it’s over? 
“Yes! I will have a ‘digital pass’ of the event available for purchase for folks who aren’t able to attend, so that they can still get all of the nuggets of wisdom that were passed from the speakers on the stage. I will also be hosting a few mini-events here and there, possibly in other markets. For example, I’m currently brainstorming an event around the topic of Women & Money for early 2018. It’s an event that might debut in S.F., but eventually pop-up elsewhere. The best way to stay in the loop for all of these things is to follow @beingoodcompany on Instagram and also sign up for the newsletter over at beingoodcompany.co.”
In Good Company
Friday, Sept. 29
Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center
Tickets: beingoodcompany.co
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–Erin Feher
 All photos by Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids for In Good Company unless otherwise noted