If a scroll through Instagram is how you celebrate getting your little one down for a nap, then this list is for you. We’ve rounded up ten feeds from local moms and dads that are worth a follow, from professional photographers who capture life’s little moments in a whole new light, to regular old overwhelmed ‘rents whose quirky captions will make you smile. Click through to see them all!


An incredibly talented paper artist, Chloe Fleury has an eye and love for color that will surely brighten up your feed. It doesn't hurt that her whole family is gorgeous as they come (and French, to boot) so you'll get everything from gorgeous home decor inspiration, wanderlusty travel shots, sneak peeks of projects in process, and of course plenty of snaps of her two beautiful daughters, Lula and Anouk.

Who are your favorite local Insta-moms and dads?

—Erin Feher and Yannina Pacis

All images courtesy of the subjects