If you needed another reason to shop second-hand, this brilliant new shop provides. Nestled in the heart of the Outer Sunset, Hunter’s Threads has opened. With a plethora of second hand scores for your children, Hunter’s Threads doubles as a resource for families seeking therapy for developmentally delayed kids.  img_3680-1

Photo: Hunter’s Threads

KonMari your Kids Closet
Unique to the consignment world is Hunter’s Threads approach to ascertaining their inventory. Unlike other shops where you are compensated for your hand me downs, HT accepts clothing on a donation basis. This means, you can clear out your clothing without worrying about the re-sale value or the label. The result? An easy KonMari session—clean, clear and donate. Your closet is left with the appropriately sized delicious duds for your wee one. It also means that HT can resell clothing at a lower cost (think Goodwill pricing vs. Chloe’s Closet) as they do not have a consignment fee. Hunter’s Threads also has their own line of clothing, adorned with their logo to drive awareness to the cause.


Photo: Hunter’s Threads

Who is Hunter?
Born from the need that Michelle and Jody Scott experienced after the birth of their son, Hunter, the store is his namesake. Hunter is the oldest of their two children and early on showed signs of developmental delays. Michelle recognized that the labyrinth families journey in search of speech, physical and occupational therapy is exhausting and complicated. There may be several diagnoses before a sound conclusion or insurance coverage kicks in—if it does at all. On a mission to provide services to families in similar situations, the goal of Hunter’s Threads is to be a resource for families who may not be able to afford therapy as well as to build a community for families who have children with developmental delays.


Photo: Hunter’s Threads

Goods for Good
Already open and operating, a portion of the proceeds will fund therapies which are slated to start in 2017. With three rooms on site, the store will double as a clinic for children. Hunter’s Threads will facilitate therapies administered by Build, Learn, Thrive—the same team that helped Hunter. In addition to donating clothes for resale, families can wear Hunter’s Threads tees and hats to further bolster awareness. Social media savvy families are asked to tag #threadsfortherapy while donning their #officialhuntersthreads duds!

Hunter’s Threads
2124 Taraval St.
San Francisco, Ca
Online: huntersthreads.com

Good to know: Hunter’s Threads closed on Mondays


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–Vanessa Wauchope