If you could peek inside the creative, adventurous minds of parents Kris and Bob Galmarini, we are betting it would look a lot like the interior of their new stunning store and workshop in San Anselmo, Neve & Hawk. At the the playful yet perfectly styled space, families can learn block printing, design and create their own tee shirts or simply shop a selection of quality brands, including, of course, their own established line of whimsical-yet-sturdy styles for kids who like to jump, climb and run.


It Started With a Dress
In 2012, after countless late nights screen printing and dying fabric, and hand stitching tiny dresses in their living room while their children slept, Bob and Kris Galmarini launched Neve & Hawk, a  children’s clothing brand. What most would have considered exhausting work, this married couple viewed as “date night”—a way to stay creative despite day jobs that were often less than hands-on.  One thing quickly led to another and they were fulfilling orders across the country. Their flouncy, boho-chic styles in sturdy, washable fabrics appealed to little (and big) fashionistas, while also encouraging adventurous play. Many of their signature dresses can be worn for many years and in various ways, from skirt to dress, so they grow with the child and let them experiment with their own designs.

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Where You Can Do More than Shop
The spirit of creativity and adventure was apparent in their designs and the musings on their website, but the couple wanted to do more. So earlier this month they opened their first brick-and-mortar location. The gorgeous space expresses the couple’s keen design sensibility, and also their desire to inspire others to create. An entire section is dedicated to workshops, where kids and parents can get messy and make something beautiful themselves. Currently, there are classes offered in screen printing, block printing and even a “make your own fiber and paper chandelier.”

neve and hawk

“Over the last few years we’ve built an online community of families that believe in our vision and love our clothing because of its message to fight for creativity. We are now ready to take the brand to the next level by giving our community an actual physical place and a real-life space to gather and to make things together,” says Kris (pictured above).

neve and hawk

Get Prepped for an Adventure
Even for those not ready to get their hands dirty, there are plenty of beautiful, well-made items, from toys to clothes to cool camping gear, on sale at the store. Neve & Hawk are always looking for new partners and locals doing equally lovely things to promote and partner with, such as their Pop Up this weekend (July 9, 10 am-2 pm), which will feature goods from Hello Shiso, Kira Kids, Axl Brand and more. Stop by and say hi!

Neve & Hawk
641 San Anselmo Ave.
San Anselmo, CA
Online: neveandhawk.com

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–Erin Feher

All images courtesy of JetKat Photo