Midwest transplants rejoice! The retro favorite burger joint Steak ‘n Shake has opened a new location in Campbell and it’s got a lot to offer families looking for a fun meal out. With only one other Bay Area location in Daly City, South Bay parents will want to plan some time to head on over to discover what puts the “steak” in Steak ‘n Shake. Read on to find out what you can expect!

The Steak 
In business since 1934, Steak ‘n Shake grills up super thin steakburgers (hence, the “steak”) and tops them with everything from good old American cheese to guacamole to a fried egg. Need a serious protein boost? Up the ante by making your burger a double or a triple. Looking to save room for dessert? The steakburger shooters are a good option – three mini burgers with your choice of toppings.

All burgers are served with thin ‘n crispy fries that you can top with their special seasoning blend table side, or try one of the two specialty toppings – parmesan cheese ‘n herb or cajun.

Non-burger options include meal-sized salads, hot dogs, chili and a grilled chicken sandwich. Or, try a local favorite – the Frisco melt. This melt puts two steakburgers between two slices of sour dough bread and tops them with cheese and Frisco sauce.

For under 4 bucks, kids can get steakburgers, grilled cheese, mini corn dogs, mac ‘n cheese or chicken fingers – plenty of options for the young ones in your crew. Plus, every kids’ meal comes with your choice of fries or applesauce.

The Shake
Who are we kidding? A trip to Steak n’ Shake is really all about the dessert. Milkshakes are the main star with traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate to more unusual choices like frosted flakes and nutella. Can’t decide? Try a side-by-side where you get a split glass of two classic flavors like chocolate and banana. Fall flavors include pumpkin spice (of course), caramel apple and s’mores.

Kids of any age (and grown-ups, too) can order the kid-sized shake that is the perfect complement to the steakburger. Or, go retro and order a root beer float (the kid-sized version is under two bucks!). They also offer sundaes if shakes aren’t your thing.

The Details
Steak ‘n Shake differs from local burger joint In-N-Out in that it offers table service. Order your meal from your server, give the kids a few quarters to play the impossible stuffy grabber machine game and wait for your shakes to arrive. All kids get to don a retro diner hat that also contains their menu and crayons to keep them busy.

Steak ‘n Shake Campbell is currently only open for lunch and dinner but they plan to add breakfast later this year. If you go during prime meal time, parking can be tricky in the small parking lot but you can make use of the city streets nearby. Indoor seating includes around 30 tables and there are about that many outside as well, although you’ll need to deal with street traffic noises if you eat outside.

501 E. Campbell Ave.
Campbell, Ca
Hours: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. daily
Online: steaknshake.com

What’s your favorite shake flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

—Kate Loweth

All photos by the author