Jybe is a social recommendation app for the iPhone that gets smarter the more you use it, somewhat like Pandora or Netflix.

Initially, it focuses on three categories – restaurants, movies and books, and there’s a good reason for that.

Unlike much of the information available online, most of the digital data about restaurants, movies and books is structured in such a way that it is relatively straightforward for a technology like Jybe’s to organize and display it.

Jybe’s co-CEOs, Arnab Bhattachariee and Tim Converse, both spent more than a decade in the search business, at companies including Inktomi, Excite, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

“In search, if you do a good job of entering key words, the search engine will nail it,” says  Bhattachariee. “That’s the explicit mode of search. But there’s an implicit mode as well. There are lots of things of value that you can find with serendipitous search.”

In order to help you discover those things, Jybe first needs to know a little about your tastes…

Find out more about this amazing app and how it gets to know you in order to help you discover more things that you love by clicking here

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