This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating some local mamas around the Bay who are offering up inspiring insights into the delicate balance of work/family life and sharing with us what it takes to run a business (on top of it all). It’s important to note, these companies were launched with the help of little muses—nothing like a child to bring out one’s entrepreneurial side. From seasoned to soon-to-launch, read on for some sweet success stories on businesses you’ll want to bookmark for future visits.

Simple, Edgy Kidswear: Bash+Sass

Irene Lee started planning for Bash+Sass in 2015 when her first child was around 8 months old. "Bash (Sebastian) was the initial inspiration behind my desire to create a modern children’s clothing line. My now 5-month-old daughter Isa will continue to fuel that fire. In the 3 years since Bash was born, I’ve been finding that there is just a scarcity of clean, modern and comfortable children’s clothing within the U.S.,” says Lee.

Bash+Sass is launching online soon. Sign up for emails on the website to get updates on the official opening. We cannot wait to get our hands on Lee’s simple, edgy designs. Bash+Sass is launching July 2017, but keep your eyes peeled for a special pre-order opportunity!

What's the biggest challenge of starting your own business with a young family?
Hands down, I would definitely say that it’s making sure I have quality time with the kids. I’m very mindful of this and make it a point to carve out time to plan fun activities for our family as a whole and 1:1 with each child as well. They’re only little once so I want to make sure I savor this time and create loving moments and memories for us all.

My kids are what keep me so motivated. Balancing my time between two nuggets has definitely been difficult but it’s important for me to pursue this business goal for many reasons. I want to teach and show my kids that they too, can achieve their dreams if they’re motivated and work hard. I can only do this by setting an example. Regardless of whether or not this business succeeds, I’m ok with that. All the lessons learned will ultimately be positive because I believe it’s important to experience failure sometimes in order to succeed.

How about the biggest reward?
The biggest reward is knowing that I’m teaching my kids by example. A close second is that they are the fundamental basis of my inspiration. Launching a clothing line has been a long time goal of mine and having my kids directly influence the creative process is amazing. I learn so much from them every day and finding a creative outlet to showcase and capture some of their magic is truly a blessing.


Know a local company inspired after the birth of a child? Tell us in the comments below! 

—Sommer Naffz

All images courtesy of the companies unless noted.