This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating some local mamas around the Bay who are offering up inspiring insights into the delicate balance of work/family life and sharing with us what it takes to run a business (on top of it all). It’s important to note, these companies were launched with the help of little muses—nothing like a child to bring out one’s entrepreneurial side. From seasoned to soon-to-launch, read on for some sweet success stories on businesses you’ll want to bookmark for future visits.

Keeping Babies Warm: Tum Tum

For hundreds of years, Asian families have passed down the wisdom that a warm tummy can help you from getting sick and boost overall health. It was this knowledge—and the fact that Jennifer Flower’s baby boy was escaping from his swaddle at night—that inspired her to start her business. She created the Tum Tum, a wearable blanket and tummy warmer that keeps children warm to the core, allowing little ones to play freely and sleep soundly. Tum Tums are made from a high-quality soft fabric and can be worn over onesies, play clothes, and pajamas and can be worn from birth up to 2 years old. We can’t think of a better shower gift!

What's the biggest challenge of starting your own business with a young family?
Work/life balance. I wish there were more hours in the day. I’ve learned I won’t be able to volunteer at every event at my son’s school. Leaning on my husband to handle more household duties has been key.

How about the biggest reward?
Seeing happy babies wearing tum tums. Knowing my product is helping other babies and parents makes this journey worthwhile.


Know a local company inspired after the birth of a child? Tell us in the comments below! 

—Sommer Naffz

All images courtesy of the companies unless noted.