This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating some local mamas around the Bay who are offering up inspiring insights into the delicate balance of work/family life and sharing with us what it takes to run a business (on top of it all). It’s important to note, these companies were launched with the help of little muses—nothing like a child to bring out one’s entrepreneurial side. From seasoned to soon-to-launch, read on for some sweet success stories on businesses you’ll want to bookmark for future visits.

Step Up Your Soiree: Harlow & Grey

Harlow and Grey co-founder and lifestyle blogger Jeanne Chan, of Shop Sweet Things, launched her partywares company to make entertaining both easy and elevated. We’re huge fans of the party-saving site that offers everything from garlands to cake-toppers. What’s not to love about a little help when it comes to throwing your next birthday party or baby shower?

What's the biggest challenge of starting your own business with a young family?
The biggest challenge I’m facing right now is finding the energy to run both. I’m often mentally drained by the time my kids get home from school, and with running a business, your mind is never really turned off. So, I certainly feel guilty at times that I don’t have the energy to engage with my kids, especially when they’re young and active. I try to be mindful about scheduling breaks and allowing myself to recharge before the kids get home, but finding time is also part of the challenge.

How about the biggest reward?
The biggest reward is definitely having a flexible schedule. I’m so grateful that I’m able to accommodate my kids’ schedule and needs. I love that I can go on field trips with them, take them to dr. appts, schedule days-off when their school is out, and just about anything that might come up.

Photo credit: Maria del Rio for Mother Mag


Know a local company inspired after the birth of a child? Tell us in the comments below! 

—Sommer Naffz

All images courtesy of the companies unless noted.