This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating some local mamas around the Bay who are offering up inspiring insights into the delicate balance of work/family life and sharing with us what it takes to run a business (on top of it all). It’s important to note, these companies were launched with the help of little muses—nothing like a child to bring out one’s entrepreneurial side. From seasoned to soon-to-launch, read on for some sweet success stories on businesses you’ll want to bookmark for future visits.

Growing Up Green: Vibrantly Healthy Kids

Mother of two and San Francisco-based family nutrition and health advocate, Ashley Koch, hopes to make a big impact on families by helping them make small changes to their eating habits. Her blog Vibrantly Healthy Kids offers up family-friendly recipes and nutritional wisdom galore—especially when it comes to feeding little ones. Her philosphy: If you expose children to a wide range of foods, over time they will develop a taste for a range of foods. Know any picky eaters? Ashley’s got you covered. She also offers up personal sessions to reboot your kitchen and your way of approaching food. Check out her blog for more info. We dare you not to be inspired.

What's the biggest challenge of starting your own business with a young family?
I think the biggest challenge is making room for my work and studies among other important priorities. I love what I do, but I also know this moment with my young children is fleeting. I work hard to be incredibly honest with myself about what I am capable of accomplishing in my limited time, without compromising my family. There are times that I have to slow down with my work and realize that all my goals are possible in time.

How about the biggest reward?
It is profound for me when a parent tells me about the changes they see in their child’s eating routine or when their child learns to love a new healthy food. My success is measured based on improving a child’s life. What could be better than that?

Last week, a friend mentioned that my five-year-old daughter was so proud of my work. I learned that my daughter has been telling her friends, “my mom helps parents teach their kids to love healthy food!” It brought a tear to my eye to hear that she can articulate what I do and understands what I am trying to accomplish through my work.


Know a local company inspired after the birth of a child? Tell us in the comments below! 

—Sommer Naffz

All images courtesy of the companies unless noted.