Get In the Kitchen

Holiday season is approaching…time to In The Kitchenget ready for some feasts!  Every Sunday morning, In the Kitchen culinary school (in Sausalito) offers cooking classes for kids five to twelve years old.  This November and December, ITK is focusing on seasonal and holiday cooking so that kids can hone their skills and become little sous-chefs for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other celebrations.

“Holiday Foods from Other Countries” cooking class on Sunday, December 20th sounds too fun to pass up.  Why not add “Apple Latkes” from Israel or “Tattooed Potatoes” from Italy to the table this year?

Chef Scott Davis, a.k.a. “The Culinary Dude,” is especially equipped to teach children’s culinary classes.  He has degrees in Early Childhood Education and Culinary Arts – what a recipe!  Kids don’t just observe in the cooking class, it’s truly experiential from ingredient preparation to the devouring of tasty dishes once class is done!  The best part is that the recipes and shopping lists are given to parents so the meals can be prepared again at home by the whole family. Bon appetit!

In the Kitchen Culinary, 300 Turney St., Sausalito, (415) 331-8766,