The kids are in school and the rush of the holidays is fast approaching. You may not have the little ones underfoot all day, but it’s likely that your job just got busier—driving everyone from school to piano lessons to soccer practice and home. And don’t forget homework (how could you forget?). But don’t fret! We’ve picked out some great local businesses with services that can help moms and dads get done what needs to be done so that these busy months are easier on the whole family!

Make the Kids Earn Their Keep

Mobilize your in-house workforce with the My Job Chart app that is designed to motivate kids to help out around the house while teaching them about money management, work ethic and accountability. This free app allows parents to set up jobs for their kids and assign customized rewards for each task. Kids can earn a monetary reward for a completed task which they can then deposit into a linked bank account, donate to a charity or purchase an item they want. Or a parent can set it up to have the child earn an experience prize like a camping trip after completing a certain number of tasks. Easily accessible online or through Apple and Android devices, My Job Chart makes chores less of a chore for the whole family!


What services do you use to save time for your family? Let us know in the comments below!

–Kate Loweth