Eyes on the Pies 

Pizza-making at home seems like it would be such a great activity with the kids, but it’s often harder than it sounds. It’s difficult to get the dough right and though the process is fun (kids enjoy spreading the sauce, sprinkling the cheese and so on) the pizza you pull from the oven usually lacks a certain…something.

Pizza My Heart offers the perfect solution: do-it-yourself, with a bit of fail-proof professional guidance. Every Tuesday from 4-8 p.m. at Pizza My Heart locations throughout the Bay Area, for just $5, kids get a drink, carrot sticks, a bag of graham teddy bears, and all the necessary ingredients to craft the perfect pie. If this sounds messy, relax. First, it’s not your kitchen and second, the good people at Pizza My Heart clearly have kids themselves, given how well they’ve thought out the event.

Kids are given a pre-shaped pizza dough on a mini pizza pan, along with a squirt bottle of sauce, and mini-containers of shredded cheese and their choice of toppings. You’ll be spared from digging through your purse for errant crayons to entertain the kids, since pizza-making will hold their attention. When they’re through, the staff put the pizzas in the oven and kids can chomp on their carrot sticks while they wait for their pies.

No matter what application of sauce and toppings your creative tots come up with, the pizzas turn out miraculously edible. Order up a bigger version of your own personal pizza preference, or, if you’re all ‘za-d out, keep in mind they also serve a variety of pre-made yummy salads as well as wine and beer for the grown ups.

Pizza My Heart, Make Your Own Pizza Tuesdays:  Every Tuesday, from 4-8 p.m. Locations in the South Bay, Peninsula and San Francisco.  For full list of locations click here.

—Tara Wright