With such an unexpectedly mild winter this year, it’s really beginning to feel like summer here in the Bay Area. On those warmer days when the sun is shining and even your little ones need to stay cool, satisfy your sweet tooth (without the guilt) and nosh on a delicious popsicle or shaved ice. Luckily, our friends at 7×7 have got the scoop on where to go when you need a cool treat on those hotter days.

We’re not denying the allure of a refreshingly unhip scoop of vanilla ice cream, or the siren song of a scoop of Bi-Rite‘s impeccable salted caramel ice cream. But there are times when it’s hot out, and you don’t want ice cream. Enter an arresting coconut shaved ice “sundae” from Namu Gaji—topped with pinenut crunch, caramel drizzle and coconut brittle, no less. Here are the hottest new cold desserts in town. Sorry, plain old ice cream, you didn’t make the cut.

1) Namu Gaji: Chef owner Dennis Lee is stoked on his new hand cranked, vintage style shaved ice maker. With it, he and MaryKate McGoldrick are coming up with some staggering “composed” selections for the evening dessert menu, including the coconut concoction mentioned above. During the day, DIY takes hold: customers can choose from flavors like strawberry, kumquat, coconut, Four Barrel coffee and chocolate, topped with everything from caramel and condensed milk to ginger cookie crunch and candied peanuts. $5 for a small and $7 for a large from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., daily.

2) Chile Pies: Both Castro and Nopa locations are launching ice cream pies. Think “the grasshopper” with mint chip ice cream and chocolate ganache icing nestled into a chocolate cookie crust, or a “banana split,” with strawberries, bananas, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache in a waffle cone crust. We’ll wipe the drool off the computer to screen to add that a mini 5″ pie is just $6. We’re rather call it a personal pie. Since Chili Pies is also the home of the pie shake, we’ll tell you the seasonal option: “berry spice,” made with mixed berry pie and cardamom ice cream.

To read more about where to find the best treats for those warm days, click here for 7×7’s full story.

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