ScientopiaExhibitKids around these parts are some lucky ducks. We are flush with children’s museums full of interactive exhibits for them to touch, explore, wonder, and question. But kids in the far north bay have been missing out on the fun…until this summer’s opening of Scientopia.

Marcy and Jonathan Deeds were tired of driving out of Napa so their two young kids could have a clean, safe, educational place to play. So they personally created  Scientopia, a fun-filled children’s museum in their own home town. The result includes dozens of the sort of inventive hands-on exhibits kids love, including a Shadow Wall, a Magnet Table, a Gravity Well, and tons more, suitable to a variety of age ranges. Each exhibit demonstrates a scientific learning concept so children can take home something to think about (and possible even have an answer for their endless stream of “whys”).

If you’re planning a birthday party, Scientopia offers custom activities for each age group such as creating bubble wands from fly swatters (for 3 and 4-year-olds), making rockets from old newspapers or soda bottles (for 7 and 8-year-olds), and more Prices for a two-and-a-half hour time slot and a private party room (decorations included) range from $150 to $400. So be prepared to get sticky, slimy, or just plain silly! The museum is located at 1785 B Tanen Street in Napa. Call 1-707-259-1559.

P.S. Scientopia is having an open house on October 15, in support of local Napa Mom Entrepreneurs. Enjoy a special $5 admission price that day, as well as 15% off everything in the toy shop. Not to mention getting a sneak peek at handcrafted goodies from Hairloom Blooms, BumRite Diapers, Designs by Deanna, and Handysaks.

—Renee M. Rutledge