Superheros and princesses are a dime a dozen at Halloween time. Show some home town pride and win some major bonus points for creativity with these costumes that show your love for our Bay Area. From favorite landmarks to home town heroes, your little one will be the talk of the town at trick-or-treat time. Grab your inspo below!

Boba Tea

It seems like every week a new boba tea shop opens up in SF. Everyone will drink up your little one in this yummy costume that's super easy to make with a big sheet of plastic and some balloons. Make sure that you accompany your beverage with sea life-conscious non-plastic straw.


photo: Amber Guetebier

Golden State Warrior

If you've got a mini-Steph Curry fan in your home, we're guessing you also have a Warriors tee as well. For an easy-peasy costume idea, throw on your kiddo's fave Warriors garb, a headband and a basketball and you've got one slam dunk of a Halloween costume.

The Perfect Bowl of Ramen

It's no wonder our foggy city is having a love affair with this classic Japanese noodle soup. Food blogger Lindselicious dressed her little dumpling up as her favorite dish, complete with soft-boiled egg and barbecued pork. She looks more tempting than any candy bar!

photo: Sarah Lynch

Lyft Driver

Forget the punch-buggy game, nowadays little San Franciscans are on the lookout for that pink mustache. Headquartered in SF, Lyft is a ridesharing company that begs to be a Halloween costume. Be warned that you’ll have to find your own mustache; Lyft drivers aren’t too keen to loan theirs out on one of the busiest nights of the year.

BART Train

Tiny train lovers can out a local spin on their locomotive costume by branding it the BART! This genius creation was made with a diaper box, craft foam and spare fabric straps for a cost of $10. Let's just hope your little train arrives in time for trick or treating.

photo: Erin Feher

Weekend Warrior

Because nothing says ‘Bay Area’ faster than a weekend cyclist outfitted in $10,000 worth of professional-type equipment. All you need are a few select sponsor logos ironed on to a kid-sized jersey (in this case a rash guard), a bike helmet and some glasses to make your point. Consider hot-gluing a bottle cap to the sole of each shoe to get that realistic teeter of a biker in clipless bike shoes.

photo: Raphael Sperry

Golden Gate Bridge

It doesn't get more San Francisco than this classic span. This is a great costume for two (or three) for friends who want are willing to work together for the trick-or-treat-trek. A couple of fog wigs will make the whole thing truly authentic.

photo: Sarah Lynch

Morning Bun

Babies dressed as food are fail-proof Halloween costumes—an adorable hot dog, a little peanut, a sweet cupcake—they’re all so cute. But a baby morning bun is off the charts. Wrap your infant up in padded brown fabric with a dusting of sugar-like glitter and you’ve got something worthy of a weekend wait at Tartine.

photo: Raphael Sperry & Laura Juran

Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower

These Bernal Heights twins are the perfect twin SF landmarks. We are sure it helped that their dad is an architect, but we think these memorable costumes would be easy enough for anyone to pull off!

photo: Matt Kweder

Baby Burners

Stripping down and riding bikes or dancing around a fire? What toddler wouldn’t love a visit to the Playa? Outfit your baby like an original Burning Man participant with a tutu, beads and a light-up tricycle, all covered in some sandbox dust. Add face paint and goggles as a final touch.

photo: Anna Hindley

$4 Artisan Toast

You know that the debate about the price of toast in San Francisco is over when the much-discussed “$4 slice of toast” becomes a kid's Halloween costume. All it takes is an old-fashioned sandwich board costume or a foam mattress topper cut to size and voila—your child is a meme.

photo: Tom Arma

Pier 39 Sea Lion

SF's most famous wildlife likes to swim, sunbathe and bark at tourists. These chubby, slippery, loud creatures make the perfect costume for little wobbly toddlers or babes who are still scooting around on their bellies.

Dressed in the City

Mom Kate Fim designed these sweet SF costumes for her twin girls. Golden Gate Bridge hats, skirts made of maps of the city, over "fog" tulle.It doesn't get more San Francisco than this!

photo: Anna Hindley

Super Earthquake Kit

Are you Ready? Make the most of your survival stash by cobbling together a superhero costume from items found in your earthquake kit. On the plus side, it makes light of a scary lesson in natural disasters and helps review your family’s emergency plan. The con: you’ll have to replenish your supplies.

A City Under Construction

Little crane lovers must be in heaven! It seems every block of SF is sporting orange cones, teams of dump trucks and blinking caution lights these days. Our building boom may be a pain for moms, dads and drivers, but for little construction nuts, the city's torn-up state is a dream come true. Your kids will stop traffic in these cute construction-inspired costumes made with some foam board, a little caution tape and a whole lotta hot glue.

photo: Leslie Chew

Robin Williams as Mork

Our beloved hometown comedian can be remembered by recreating one of his most beloved characters—Mork from the planet Ork. "Nanu nanu!"

photo: Anna Hindley

Karl the Fog

With 352,000 followers on Twitter and over 20,000 Facebook friends, @karlthefog might be the most famous persona in the Bay Area—and definitely the most popular hashtag. Wrap your tot in a fluffy blanket or a cape made from cotton batting and you’re done. Be sure to tag your photos #karlthefog.

photo: Sarah Lynch and Anna Hindley

Start-up Success Story

The way that some old-school natives talk about the tech folks, you might think they were a new breed of zombie—buying up our real estate with cash and lining up at dawn to board their shiny buses, their faces unnaturally aglow from the light of their smart phones. But this type of ghoul is easier to costume: dress ‘em in a hoodie and jeans, then fill thier pockets with cash and give them as many devices as they can carry.

photo: Anna Hindley

Priness Vanessa

The closest thing that San Francisco has to a fairytale princess, the preternaturally perfect-looking Vanessa Getty is still referred to as an “It Girl” despite being a 40-something mother of three. Besides her beauty, Getty stands up for animals (she founded San Francisco Bay Humane Pets), rode into her wedding on a horse and appears to solely wear evening gowns. Who’s Elsa?

photo: K. Haller

Cable Car

Cable cars are both the only mobile national monument and a pretty awesome Halloween costume to boot. Add a Rice-a-roni ad to the side for some extra bonus points. 

—Kate Loweth, Erin Feher and Sarah Lynch