San Francisco. It’s been a muse for great writing, film, music and more. While Market Street is bustling with tourists from all over, hopping on the Powell and Hyde Street cable cars, taking pictures and pointing excitedly, we forget what the fuss is about. Well, it’s time to remember why our city by the bay is so special. So, grab your little ones and embark on a city adventure and take pride in all that San Francisco has to offer. To get you started, we have five awesome places that your little explorers will love.

Castro Street

While the Castro might not strike families as a kid-friendly neighborhood worth exploring, this densely packed couple of blocks has a few hidden gems that are great for entertaining your kids. With it's lively sing-a-long theater, picturesque vistas of downtown, and some awesome slides, the Castro will greet your little visitors with a rainbow of awesome.

photo credit: Amber Guetebier

— Nicki Richesin