Ready to meet your new frozen obsession? Popbar has landed in the Bay Area! At their very first NorCal location in Saratoga, this cult favorite offers gourmet frozen popGelato, popSorbetto and yogurtPops that you can truly make your own. So join the Popaholics across the globe and pop on over to check out the scene on a stick.

popbar saratoga

The Scoop
If you are a frozen treat aficionado, then you have definitely heard of Popbar. With locations in the U.S., Canada, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and even Russia, Popbar is taking the globe by storm and indoctrinating new Popaholics at a very young age.

More than just a popsicle, Popbar offers gourmet pops made of only the best ingredients and as few ingredients as possible. All of the popbars are Kosher certified, gluten and preservative free with no artificial coloring – only pure decadence on a stick. Pops are made on-site in small batches of 26 pops at a time. You can even see the Popologists making the goods in the popLab through the window behind the counter.

popbar saratoga

Photo courtesy of Popbar

The Experience
Stepping up to the counter at Popbar is a feast for the eyes. Over two dozen flavors are artfully displayed for you to choose from. Passion fruit, coffee, dulce de leche, blood orange and green tea are just a few of the flavors available to temp your taste buds.

popbar saratoga

The Good Stuff
The popbar journey doesn’t end when you choose your flavor. You next decide whether you’d like your bar to be dipped in chocolate (full or half dip) and then in an array of “poppings” like pistachios, waffle cone, coconut and almonds. It ends with drizzle of chocolate to hold everything on.

All the choices too overwhelming for you? Select from one of the favorite combos like the Nutella Bar (giandula gelato, dipped in chocolate, hazelnuts and waffle cone poppings with a white chocolate drizzle) or Green Tea Kit Kat (green tea gelato, dipped in chocolate, topped with waffle cone and a white chocolate drizzle).

popbar saratoga

The Details
PopSorbettos cost $3.49 and the popGelatos and yogurtPops are $3.99. Unlimited dippings are an additional 50 cents as are unlimited poppings.

Looking for an on-the-go treat? Grab a six-pack for $22.99 that includes a thermal bag to keep your treats cool. Catering options include mini pops which would be the hit of your summertime kiddo soiree.

18562 Prospect Road (at the corner of Prospect and Lawrence Expressway)
Saratoga, Ca
Hours: noon to 10 p.m. every day

What’s your favorite Popbar creation? Let us know in the comments below!

–Kate Loweth

All photos by the author except where noted.