2Coveting the mural your friend had painted in her daughter’s nursery, but lack the funds to commission a custom job? You can get the same look for a lot less with Muralette wall decals. As the brainchild of Genevieve Smith and Anna Conklin of Magpie Decorative Painting, these decals go beyond cartoony images, and add the look of a unique work of art to the walls.

Unlike many of the other decals out there with computer-produced graphics, Muralette’s images look hand-painted –you can see brushstrokes, shadow, and color variation. Order an underwater scene (with jellyfish, fishies, coral, and seagrass), a garden of color-soaked flowers, some lively polka dots, or birds and blossoms on delicate branches, then get creative with the arrangement on your own wall. Creating a scene gives kids a whole new world to wake up to each morning. The low-commitment stickers come down whenever kids are ready to change it up. Best of all, Muralette decals are 20% off until August 31 when you order through the website. Add a bit of magical whimsy to your child’s room while tapping into your own creative genius.

Muralettes, normally $85