From the climbing to the top of the playground jungle gym to mastering their multiplication tables, your kids are used to scaling to new heights in all areas of their life. Plae Kids Shoes and Red Tricycle teamed up to encourage your little adventurers to climb even further and aim for the stars at an exclusive rock climbing event at Bridges Rock Gym in El Cerrito. Scroll through the photos below to get an inside look at this cool event.

Before scurrying up the walls at Bridges Rock Gym, the kids got a lesson in safety from the pro instructors.
Climbing works up a big-time appetite. After conquering the climbing wall, Charlie slurps down a delicious GoGo squeeZ.
The mini climbers each got to scale to new heights with a brand new pair of Plae Kids Shoes. These shoes were meant for climbing with shock absorption, a flexible sole and active traction.

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