Going out to dinner takes on a novel, intriguing level of meaning when you go from chair warmer to cook as the creator of your own gourmet meal. Our friends at 7×7 suggest experiencing the satisfaction of a personally handmade masterpiece and maybe you’ll even find out if you or your love look good in a chef hat, too. Thanks to 7×7, here are some of the most bombastic culinary adventures in the Bay.

ASIAN: Tante Marie’s Cooking School

In an inviting North Beach kitchen spacious enough for sixteen students, the instructors at Tante Marie’s aren’t just reading recipes but living them firsthand! Last year the whole group went on a culinary tour of Thailand and Chef Jen Knapp stayed on, continuing her travels through Cambodia, Laos, Singapore and Vietnam. On February 22nd all are invited to chef Irfan Dama’s demo of northern and southern Indian cooking, and on March 18, learn how to prepare banh mi and pad thai as part of Knapp’s Southeast Asian Street Food workshop.

$195 one-day workshop and $75 demo; 
271 Francisco St., 415-788-6699.

For the full menu on this night out, click here.

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