Wondering when is the right time to introduce your broad to Broadway? How about now? The family favorite, Disney’s The Lion King took the stage at SHN’s Orpheum theater, and if you thought the film was incredible, be prepared to be blown away by the Tony-winning live production, which boasts original songs, exceptional dancing and some of the most amazing costumes you have ever seen.


The Classic Story Plus SO Much More
The journey of Simba from smart-alec cub to respected king who saves the savannah from destruction is beloved by fans of all ages. And while the majority of the movie’s witty banter, catchy songs and moving storyline are left perfectly intact, the theater production’s “extras” make this a completely new experience. The costumes and puppetry are beyond exceptional. All the characters are creative human/animal hybrids that allow the actors to showcase their singing, dancing and prancing skills. The opening “Circle of Life” number has life-sized elephants, cheetahs, giraffes and more dancing down the aisles inches away from wide-eyed audience members. An acrobatic combination of stilts, pullies, levers and clever puppetry make every scene a visual feast.

Is This a Kids’ Show?
Honestly, not really. The quality and sophistication of this show is aimed squarely at theater veterans looking to see a next-level performance. On opening night, the audience was mainly adults (and the show is recommended for kids 6 and up). The nearly 3-hour running time (2 hr. 30 min. show plus 20 min. intermission) is another reason to keep young, fidgety children at home. But if you are confident your child can sit respectfully through the entire show, and has the capacity to appreciate what live theater has to offer, then this is surely the show to take them to. In addition to the familiar story and goofy characters that kids will love, the two child actors who play young Simba and Nala will have them dreaming big about their own dramatic futures.

Lion King NY

The Program
The Lion King will be running at SHN’s Orpheum Theater in San Francisco from November 2 through December 31. In addition to 8 pm evening shows, there are a limited number of matinees, and Sunday evening 6:30 p.m. shows, which are great for kids. Tickets range in price from $60 to more than $200, but two hours before every show there is a limited number of $40 rush tickets available for purchase in-person, at the box office (and cash only).

The Lion King
SHN Orpheum Theater
1192 Market St.
San Francisco, Ca
Online: shnsf.com

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–Erin Feher