Ah, the freewheeling life of the food truck: the sights and sounds roaming the open road, with ever-changing locations all over town! No doubt about it: San Francisco’s fleet of food trucks have taken our Fog City by storm. And let’s face it, when dining out most fidgety kiddos don’t want to be anchored to a restaurant table. Plus, even though these mobile eateries have become an everyday attraction, half the fun of chowing has become trying to find them in the first place! Once you track them down and order some cheap & delectable family-friendly fare from our top 5 food trucks you’ll be hooked, and around town there’s always a nearby playground or park for a picnic. Bon appetit!

Insider Tip: Food truck locations and hours of operation fluctuate and change frequently (often daily), but it’s super easy to check each truck’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, or website.

Creme Brulee Truck

The Crème Brûlée Truck
Who says you have to eat dessert last? Number One is a truck full of sweet yummy goodness churning out creamy goodness with a crackly hard sugar shell. Not surprisingly, this food truck is a kid-magnet. Originally started in 2009 as a tiny food cart, the “Crème Brûlee Man” aka Curtis Kimball has grown the business into a full-fledged, fully functional vehicle.  Flavors like Lavender, Double Chocolate, and Lemon-Blueberry with prices ranging from $4 – $5 will tickle everyone’s taste buds.

Where & when to find the Crème Brûlée Truck:
Online: thecremebruleecart.com
Twitter: twitter.com/cremebruleecart


The Chairman Truck
Our Number Two restaurant on wheels serves up buns steamed or baked, your choice. Steamed are priced from $3.25 to $3.75 each while baked are priced from $6 to $6.75. These are perfectly sized for little hands. A Gua Bao, or a bun sandwich, is a tasty traditional Taiwanese snack. It’s pretty simple: meat or vegetables sandwiched between buns. Chef Hiroo Nagahara is the culinary mastermind behind the Chairman and his buns are crafted by “Clement Restaurant” – a local, family-owned restaurant that’s been making buns in San Francisco for over 40 years. There are particularly delicious pork belly options or take a walk on the wild side with Muscovy Duck Confit Terrine with Green Papaya, Orange Pickled Red Onions & Mint (!).

Where & when to find the Chairman Truck:
Online: thechairmantruck.com
Twitter: twitter.com/chairmantruck
Facebook: facebook.com/TheChairmanTruck

Kasa Indian

Kasa Indian Food Truck
Keep an eye out for the bright pink ornamental meals-on-wheels Number Three pick. Chefs Anamika and Tim, co-owners, crank out traditional kati rolls priced at $5, rice plates, samosas at slightly higher prices and sweet chai lassi drinks. Additionally, these street purveyors have rotating street food specials to surprise out & about. Kasa’s tried & true Mission honors simple, homestyle Indian food at reasonable prices using natural and local ingredients.

Where & when to find the Kasa Indian Truck:
Online: kasaindian.com
Twitter: twitter.com/KasaIndian

Caseys Pizza

Casey’s Pizza Truck
With the distinction of being SF’s oldest pizza truck our Number Four pick is everyone’s favorite carb. This is handcrafted, made to order, locally sourced, Old New York style ‘za with fine ingredients like shitake mushrooms, thyme, and extra virgin olive oil. After selling his pizzas mostly out of a stand, owner Casey Crynes launched San Francisco’s first pizza truck with onboard oven on September 26, 2011. Whole pies are $15 and half pies are $8, all tax is included. They come with a huge variety of delicious toppings sure to please your little one.

Where & when to find Casey’s Pizza Truck:
Online: caseyspizza.com
Twitter: twitter.com/caseyspizza
Facebook: facebook.com/caseyspizza

bacon bacon

Bacon Bacon Food Truck
Epic to almost urban legend proportions, Number Five is the ultimate Holy Grail of street purveyors with something for everyone. Burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches with homemade bacon jam, triple tacos…and  chocolate dipped bacon. Comedienne Amy Poehler & Saturday Night Live took on this entity in their Weekly News with her deadpan tagline, “I’d smell that.” The theme here is obvious, but the execution and the flavors are addictive. It’s bacon, after all.

Where & when to find the Bacon Bacon Truck:
Online: baconbaconsf.com
Twitter: twitter.com/baconbaconsf
Facebook: facebook.com/baconbaconsf

What is your favorite food truck eat in the city?

— Mireille Schwartz
(Photos courtesy of each food truck website)