From Fed Up to ThredUP  
Frustrated over how quickly your child grows up and out of their carefully-chosen duds? Looking for a way to rotate in some key pieces without spending an arm and a leg? An ingenious new idea has come to the world of kid’s clothes: thredUP. Touting itself as “Netflix for clothes,” thredUP Kids launched its online clothing trade website this week, with over 1,500 families’ clothes clothes to choose from.
Simply log on and select a box of clothes you’d like to receive for your child. Clothing is organized by size, and is described by gender, season, style, brand, and color, with at least ten items in each box. You pay for shipping (around $13 per box), and the goods make their way to you within just a few days. Then, set aside a box of gently-used, good condition clothing your kid has outgrown. List the goodies on the ThredUp website, and when someone selects your box, they’ll pay for the shipping, and USPS will even pick the box up at your house.
If you choose, you can create an “Inner Circle” on the site and swap only with close friends (a great way to trade with pals who live all over the country), or you can trade with other families for a wider selection of togs.
Considering the astounding figure that Americans throw away over 2 quadrillion tons of used clothing and textiles each year, we love that ThredUp is one more way families can strive to be more sustainable, consuming less by reusing clothes.
Intrigued yet? Red Tricycle readers can take advantage of this special invitation code to access the invite-only website: What are you waiting for? Time to trade up for some new threads!
—Sarah Bossenbroek