Detach from asphalt and apartment living and escape giddily into the limitless imaginative possibilities of the tree fort, as The Bay Area Discovery Museum welcomes back outdoor artist Patrick Dougherty this month. In 2004 Dougherty was commissioned to create the sapling installation Haywire, a massive birdhouse of sorts which captivated over two million visitors of all ages until its natural breakdown in 2011. Using sapling branches as his medium, he strives to gently create spaces that seem to have spontaneously formed rather than appearing to have been fashioned or manipulated by human hands. Dougherty fosters a reconnection with the natural world by inviting us to experience our thoughts and feelings within a woven world of branches.

The community is invited to enjoy the grand opening of the installation, Friday, January 27, from 2:00pm-4:00pm. Doughterty’s book, Stickwork, a complilation of breathtaking photos, project anecdotes and insights on his process, will be available for sale and personalization by the artist. Museum admission will be free. To read complete details, click here.

–Genna McGahee