There must be something magical about breakfast burritos, because no matter what your morning entails, once that warm aluminum bundle hits your hand, things start seeming a lot brighter. If you were hungover, had your boss on your case, just found another parking ticket–whatever the case–it somehow doesn’t matter as much. Eggs, salsa, beans, cheese and avocado all wrapped in a soft tortilla. They are oozy, they are gooey, and that salsa packs enough punch to put pep in any step. Here are nine of the most awesome breakfast burritos around the city.

Patrick Maguire, part-owner of Beachside and a surfer, created this to be the perfect post-surf breakfast. Petaluma eggs are scrambled and fluffy next to house salsa, melted cheese, and homemade sausage and bacon (“Pat knows a surfer’s appetite so he insisted on both,” says wife and other-Beachside-half, Buffy). Feeling the veggies? Sub meat for spinach and tomato. It’s all wrapped in a flour tortilla, lightly grilled and slightly crispy.

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