Summer means eating your sweets off a stick. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy a treat right alongside your little one. So we’ve rounded up the most delicious popsicles in the Bay, with flavors that will appeal to both 3- and 30-year-old palates. From wild to mild, from vegan bars to the creamiest gelato pops, there’s a cool creation for every craving. Click through to see them all!

Pop Nation

Both you and the youngsters in your life will enjoy Pop Nation’s Orange Vanilla Cream pop—you’ll feel nostalgic for that creamsicle of yore, and the kids will be lucky enough to get a version that’s handmade with fresh, all-natural ingredients. If you want to venture into experimental territory, we recommend the Watermelon Mint. If you’re lucky, they might have one of their cocktail-inspired flavors on hand, like Mint Julep or New Orleans Sweet Tea and Bourbon.

Locations vary, follow them on Facebook or Twitter to find them. Online:

Photo courtesy of Pop Nation

What is your favorite popsicle flavor?

—Kristen Philipkoski & Yannina Pacis