You say tomato, we say … Indigo Rose? The Smith Family Farm in the East Bay town of Brentwood has long been known for their popular U-Pick fruits—cherries, apricots and peaches—but this summer they are offering something new: cherry tomatoes!


Sweet Like Candy
“We wanted something that felt less like to a regular U-Pick and more like going into a candy shop and picking out bonbons for a box of chocolates,” says owner Janice Smith. And with all the different varietals the Smiths will be offering, in colors that range from green to blue to black, to, of course, cherry red, the littles will think that they’ve landed in Willy Wonka’s workshop. The kids will love hunting for the Indigo Rose, a super rare blue tomato that is packed with antioxidants.


Make a Meal of It
Little pickers are also encouraged to harvest flowers, herbs and seasonal fruits from the farm’s other gardens and orchards. Fill your baskets with basil, pick up some mini mozzarella balls and have the kids help make Caprese skewers when they get home. Once they’ve picked their fill, guests can wander the picturesque grounds—kids love zigging and zagging through the grass labyrinth, climbing aboard the vintage tractor, exploring the big red barn and hunting for sculptures and mosaics installed among the vines.


Getting There
The Smith Valley Farm is located in Brentwood—just an hour’s drive from San Francisco or Oakland. Another option for bike-lovers: Take your two wheelers on Bart to Pittsburg/Baypoint. It’s a 40-mile round trip ride to the farm and back, with plenty of other places to forage figs, grapes and pomegranates on the way. The Smith Family Farm cherry tomato U-Pick is open Sundays, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., and it’s cash only. They will be hosting their annual tomato festival on August 24. See their Facebook page for more details, and to find out which other fruits are available for picking at the time of your visit:
4430 Sellers Ave.

What’s your favorite fruit or veggie to eat straight off the vine? Tell us in the comments below! 

—Erin Feher