Although Bay Area Japanese noodle connoisseurs have long insisted you need to go to the South Bay for great ramen, the popular comfort food is beginning to develop a legion of followers here in San Francisco and our friends at 7×7 have come up with the top seven spots. Identified by a rich broth—milky with emulsified fat—and long, springy alkaline noodles, there are textbook bowls of ramen to be found from the Marina to the Outer Sunset. Here’s where to go when the craving hits.

1) Nombe, (2491 Mission St.)
This two-year-old Mission izakaya recently brought in a ramen master as executive chef. Bucking the trend in pork-based broth, Nori Sugie uses beef bones and less fat than is customary, creating a remarkably light, yet flavorful broth. Each bowl’s meaty flavor is cut with briny pillows of emulsified uni. We order falling-from-the-bone oxtail or velvety beef tongue and always add a willowy soy-steeped egg.

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photo courtesy of Darin Dines