Gone are the days when princesses and superheroes ruled the children’s birthday party circuit. Bubble parties are the newest craze popping up throughout the Bay Area, with “bubbleologists” dazzling children and parents alike. Whether it’s covering your tiny guests in life-sized bubbles, or watching party-goers chase hundreds of bubbles through the air, these bubble masters are sure to leave your guests bursting with joy. Bubble-Party-1

Photo Credit:  Michael Ashe via freshphotoblog.com

The San Francisco Bubble Man
Mike Ashe, also known as “The San Francisco Bubble Man,” hosts bubble parties from San Rafael to Palo Alto (no East Bay performances at this time). His parties begin with a variety of gigantic and multi-shaped bubbles to wow the crowd, and end with children and their parents learning how to make giant bubbles themselves. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a child not chasing (and popping!) his jaw-dropping bubbles.

The SF Bubbleman’s Tips On Throwing A Poppin’ Bubble Party
“We’ll need a large grassy area with enough space for the bubbles to form and the kids to run. Parks work the best, but I also work in large backyards. A little known fact, the bubbles LOVE humidity and the San Francisco fog! The colors appear more iridescent when the sky is overcast, but even in hot, dry and clear conditions, the bubbles bring out the joy in people.”

Contact: Mike Ashe, mikeashesf@gmail.com
Cost: $275-$300 per hour depending on location, more for longer parties or corporate events. Online: sfbubbleman.com

Bubble Birthday 2

Photo Credit:  Morgan Brasfield

Bubblemania and Company
At a Bubblemania bubble party, the “bubbleologist” will perform a 30–40 minute indoor, interactive show wowing the tiniest bubble lovers with rainbow bubbles, square bubbles, triangle bubbles, bouncing bubbles and giant bubbles. The rest of the hour is spent outdoors where children learn how to make their own bubbles using bubble wands. Bubblemania will travel throughout most of the Bay Area, from Santa Rosa to Modesto to San Jose. (Strictly outdoor parties are available, please see website for details.)

Bubblemania’s Tips On Throwing A Poppin’ Bubble Party
“Encourage your kids to participate and be engaged in the show as much as possible! What is unique about a bubble party is that unlike a clown or a magician who is geared for a specific age group, bubbles appeal to kids of all ages, including the adults. We often hear from the parents, “’I think I enjoyed the show even more than my kids!'”

Contact: Joseph Ferri, 415-738-2561
Cost: $200 for 1 hour (up to 20 children, which includes an indoor presentation followed by outdoor playtime).
Online: bubblemaniaandcompanysf.com

Bubbles 3

Photo Credit:  Michael Ashe via www.freshphotoblog.com

The Bubble Lady
Rebecca Nile, also known as “The Bubble Lady”, is a 17 year veteran of bubble making. Covering all of the Bay Area and a bit beyond, Rebecca is also a clown, incorporating fun and silliness into each of her shows. Rebecca’s shows are indoor only, but her partners, “The Bubble Meisters” host outdoor bubble play for children of all ages.

The Bubble Lady’s Tips On Throwing A Poppin’ Bubble Party
“For indoor shows, make sure there is plenty of space, good lighting, and no toys lying around!  For outdoor shows,  mornings and late afternoons are the most ideal times for bubbling. Hot and dry conditions are not suited to bubbling. Most importantly, relax and enjoy your guests. That’s why you hired an entertainer!”

Contact: bubbleshows@gmail.com
Cost: $275-$325 per hour for Rebecca’s indoor show, $250-$300 per hour for the Bubble Meister’s outdoor show.
Online: thebubblelady.com

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—Morgan Brasfield