Trackers Earth Bay

Trackers Earth offers award-winning camps and classes for youth and adults. At their summer camps, kids age 4 – grade 12 choose their adventure, with exciting themes and authentic wilderness skills. Kids can train in wilderness survival, learn about farms & homesteading, go on archery adventures, catch a fish, kayak local waterways, craft in our blacksmith forge, and even go on different role-playing adventures!

Trackers is a team of expert educators who take camp and outdoor skills to the next level with activities that develop competency, creativity and care for nature.

In addition to their Summer Camps, Trackers is perfect for families looking for Winter, February, or Spring Break camps, as well as After School and Year-Round Mentoring programs.


-from Molly Deis, Trackers Earth Bay
Online: trackersbay.com
Facebook: facebook.com/trackersbay



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